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Aun aprendo

is a failed attempt to rewrite the history of sculptures at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds 2015.

Research proposal.

Aun aprendo (I Am Still Learning)

A format for a living sculpture.
by Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez (1974, Costa Rica) and Kirsten Palz (1971, Denmark).

The title of our artistic project is Aun aprendo (I Am Still Learning).

Aun aprendo engages with the performative quality of sculptures and perception. The research is based upon a series of genuine dialogues with a living human (the facilitator ) and a living sculpture. We conceive sculptures not as inert historical witnesses of artistic production but rather as engaging counterparts to human perception.

In our approach sculpture is viewed as a living body that has the ability to develop personal and singular—if not eccentric—conceptions of its ‘self’. Our interest lies in the establishment of  alternative models of appreciation beside the historical relevance of the works and the unfolding of performative abilities embedded in the sculptural works of Henry Moore.


In our time at the Henry Moore Institute we would invite ‘facilitator’ to visit with us selected texts, imagery of sculptures and testimonials of artistic activities (as e.g. recordings, performances, manuals or sketches).

The selected facilitator is chosen by us, in accordance to who we regard as valuable viewpoint to add new insight to a Henry Moore sculpture. Caused by a meeting of an facilitator and a Henry Moore sculpture, we wish for the sculpture to grow through this acquisition of knowledge about its own being in its environment and time.


Our artistic research will focus on the development of experimental formats for art mediation  presented through performative talks and an artist book. The outcome of the performative talks and  our research are documented in a publication.  During our stay we will collect relevant material for this purpose. The reflections caused through the facilitator’s knowledge shall be documented in text and image, offering a new perspective to the existing material and strengthening the sculptur’s open and performative quality.

With the publication Aun aprendo, we wish to propose a heterogeneous program of ideas and turn around the perspective of the mediation and perception of art. Rather than offering one specific view or disciplinary approach, Aun aprendo seeks to alter classical models for engagement with art. This approach we view as a widened measurement for sculptures in our times influenced by new technology and new knowledge rising from the 21 century’s innovative thinkers.

Facilitator involved:

The facilitators will be invited to share his/her special observations and knowledge. Aun aprendo includes as facilitators ; physics, biologist, ecologist, economist, natural historians, programmers, therapist, and a range of individuals occupied with alternative perception-models and many more.


We wish to introduce this publication both locally and internationally.
During our stay in Leeds we would like to to invite to an evening seminar.
This seminar hope to  challenge the conditions of reception of art, to involve with contemporary ideas engaging with spectatorship. A philosophy that aims to place the living sculpture as an ongoing practitioner.


Our work will use English language. Our personal engagement with the material available at the Institute is essential for our artistic response.

We would be delighted to collaborate with the Henry Moore Foundation, Leeds  and use its specialised archive on sculpture to develop this research and art publication.

Other funding for print and distribution, we will seek through the Danish Art Foundation, Berliner Senat and private funds.